The Universe in You

Stardust: The Universe in You is designed specifically for curious minds, illuminating the intricate connections within the universe.

Discover the marvels of the universe and the bonds that connect us through scientific concepts, hands-on exploration, and endless play.

Exhibition Sections:

Introduction: Where Did it All Begin?
The introductory area grounds visitors in the idea that we, in the present day, are connected to the universe and its evolution, going back to the Big Bang.

Atoms Form and Stars Form: The Formative Years
This section of the exhibition discusses the formation of atoms and their collection into clouds that form stars, a process that started from 380,000 to 2 million years ago and continues today.

Supernova: The Biggest Explosion You’ve Ever Seen
This section is the highlight of the exhibition. An immersive projection space shows the process of a supernova, its beauty, and the way it allows for life by releasing elements out into the universe.

Galaxies Form: The Milky Way Galaxy
The galaxies section focuses on how gravity pulls together groups of stars that eventually form galaxies of different shapes and sizes.

Life on Earth and You: The Story Doesn’t End Here
Here visitors connect all they have learned in the previous sections about life on Earth and fully make the connection that the elements produced inside stars are what make us, and the life around us, possible.

Key Interactives:

  • The Big Bang
  • Star Formation
  • Elements – Periodic Table
  • Color a Galaxy
  • Human Body Elements
  • James Webb Telescope Reflection
  • Orrery

This exhibition is in development and is subject to change.


Space Required:

3,500 - 5,000 sq. ft.

Target Audience:

Families with children, school groups


Two (2) 53 ft. trailers (estimated)


Exhibition provided in English & Spanish


Summer 2025

Tour Availability

Summer 2025 and beyond

Produced By

Stardust: The Universe in You is a traveling exhibition produced and toured internationally by Flying Fish, with support from Cosmosphere.


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