Little mechanics can step into a pretend auto shop equipped with all the tools they need to perform maintenance on a kid-sized car mounted on a lift. The exhibit’s hands-on activities encourage cooperative play and stimulate the development of fundamental skills in young children.


Super Service Center includes the following interactives:

  • Under the Hood: Children will trigger a variety of sound effects as they change the air filter, add fluids (glug, glug!) and check the battery and oil.
  • The Creeper: The car is mounted on a lift so children can slide underneath on a creeper to replace the “rusty” muffler and tailpipe.
  • Tire Rotation: Children can change two of the car’s tires using lug nuts and a realistic-sounding pneumatic drill.
  • License to Drive: A variety of colorful personalized license plates can be changed on both the front and the back of the car.
  • The Shop: A mural of a real auto shop and an ambient soundtrack help set the scene for busy little workers.
  • Service Desk: Children plan and manage their workday, using a changeable wall clock, work-order clipboards, a telephone and a magnetic daily calendar. Area signage encourages children to solve time-related word problems.
  • Tool Chest: All of the tools of the trade, including wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers are tucked in a kid-friendly tool chest that also serves as a matching/sorting activity.
  • Engine Diagnostic System: Upgrade the car to include a diagnostic tester that enables children to check the battery, air filter and added parts, including an alternator, starter, spark plugs and water pump. The system will let kids know when a part needs to be replaced.
  • Parts Department: Children can restock a second set of the 3D engine parts on a customized shelf that serves as a puzzle activity and comes with touch-compatible software for your computer that links to the parts shelf. Kids can look up an engine part, check if it’s in stock and learn fun facts about each component and its functions in the car.
  • Recycled Motor Oil Barrel: Children can properly dispose of their old oil and learn about recycling as they pour their used motor oil into the drum…glug, glug!
  • Tire Wall: Children will enjoy climbing in and out of a wall of real tires that border the exhibit.


Target age: 3 – 10


Super Service Center is an exhibition developed by Betty Brinn Children’s Museum and is produced internationally by Flying Fish.