An up close glimpse into the fascinating world of spiders

Spiders is a face to face interactive encounter with over 400 real spider specimens, live exhibits and rigourous contemporary science. This combination of immersion and information showcases the latest Spider science that allows the visitor an up close glimpse into the fascinating world of spiders.  Multimedia interactives engineered with the latest augmented reality technology create full body experiences. Enter the world of a cave spider, walk through hundreds of spiders, and design your own spider and watch it come to life on an enormous screen. The latest discoveries relating to spiders, spider behaviour, silk and venom are explained with;


– Text panels – Audio visual displays – Venom extraction demonstrations

– Augmented reality experiences – Interactives models and dioramas.


– Over 400 spider specimens
– Live spider exhibits including Tarantulas,
Giant Water spiders and deadly Funnel-webs and Black Widows
– Live venom milking demonstrations
– Live display on the world’s most venomous spiders
– Local top 10 most common spiders in your region


Multimedia & Design
– Interactive full body and hands-on exhibitory
– Augmented reality environments and experiences
– Latest spider science and discoveries
– AV of spiders behaviour and interviews with Spider scientists
– Spider models and habitat dioramas
– Atmospheric soundscape and lighting design
– Thrilling “Spiders in the Building” projection mapping installation
– Informative text panels and labels


Available from late 2017 to the North American market.

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