The Dressmaker Costume Exhibition

Our Partner:

National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA)
Acton, ACT, AUS

Our Role:


Following a radiant display of The Dressmaker Costume Exhibition with fashions by award-winning costume designer Marion Boyce at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA), the NFSA received significant interest in touring the exhibition regionally.

Featuring haute couture designs, including accessories and millinery, the exhibition showcased Boyce’s creations as wearable art. In late 2019, NFSA employed Flying Fish for their expertise in traveling exhibition services – to convert a limited production into a turnkey touring exhibition.

After consulting on visitor flow, logistics, and exhibition design, Flying Fish designed and fabricated exhibition furniture and crates for NFSA. Using custom designs, they translated the film’s visual language into unique displays, furniture, and props, with stunning results.

By incorporating the exhibition furniture and displays as thematic set pieces, Flying Fish illustrated Boyce’s mastery of fabric and technique and highlighted the transformative power of fashion. The exhibition debuted in its touring form at the Waltzing Matilda Centre in September 2020.