Bringing Climate Change Home

Presents the fundamentals of human-caused climate change and, with interactives and content aimed at multiple age levels, delves into the complicated relationship between the built environment and the natural environment.

Our House encourages visitors of all ages to think about how their lifestyle choices impact the environment, empowering them to make a difference.


Key Messages

Weather is a phenomenon that happens now; climate is a phenomenon that happens over long periods of time

Earth’s global climate is changing, mainly because of human actions. Extreme weather events are the new normal

Carbon dioxide and other gases form a blanket around our planet, trapping the sun’s heat in a phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect

Across the country, the impacts of climate change are disrupting human lives and changing how we live.

The typical American house is not only vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, but also contributes to it.


There are steps we can take together to protect our communities and reduce our impact.


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