An educational, cinematic installation

Neighborhood Earth takes visitors to places they’ve never been, transporting them through cutting edge cinematic techniques and projection technologies, to the surface of our closest planetary neighbors.  Produced in conjunction with the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and NASA George C. Marshall SpaceFlight Center, the exhibition uses advanced technology, haptic interactives, and artifacts from the U.S. Space & Rocket Center vaults to tell the stories behind our exploration of the universe and asks visitors to question what the future of space exploration may hold for humankind.


Combining current scientific knowledge with advanced projection technology, real imagery from spacecraft missions, and cutting edge animation techniques.  Through seamless composition of real photography, spacecraft data and computer generated imagery, the creative team has designed an exhibition that will offer a first of its kind experience, allowing the audience to stand on the surface of the terrestrial planets in a 360 ̊ panoramic experience. A 40 minute cinematic exploration of our neighborhood, focused on human exploration of our solar system. The audience will undertake, until now, an impossible journey through the solar system visiting each of the planets through the lens of current and historic missions to understand our fortunate position within time and space.


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