Jamaica Jamaica! brings together rare memorabilia, photographs, visual art, audio recordings and footage unearthed from private collections and museums in Jamaica, the United States and Great Britain. Also providing a platform for young Jamaican artists, the exhibition is a loudspeaker for the voice of a people—a powerful wail that has been ringing out internationally for decades through its music.



  • Interactive installations: a sound system and tracks that visitors can operate.
  • One-of-a-kind instruments: Peter Toshʼs M16 rifle guitar, vintage sound systems, King Tubby’s customized mixing desk, etc.
  • Reconstructions of legendary studios such as Studio One, the Black Ark and King Tubby’s.
  • Rare and unpublished audio clips and footage of Bob Marley and The Wailers.



The small island in the Caribbean produced one of the last great musical movements of the 20th century. Reggae and its inventions dreamt up in the suburbs of Kingston have left a lasting mark on today’s urban music. From mento to ska and reggae to dub, Jamaican music has ramifications as extensive as jazz or blues and has given rise to such legends as Bob Marley & The Wailers, Peter Tosh, King Tubby and Lee Perry. It has also built the reputation of such fabled locations as Studio One, the Alpha Boys School and the packed dance floors of Kingston’s sound systems. Bringing together items never seen before in Europe, Jamaica, Jamaica! celebrates music that has become the loudspeaker for a people’s identity and whose fame has spread well beyond the island to make it the most popular of world-music genres.



  • A web radio created for and broadcasting in the exhibition area is also available on the Internet site of the Philharmonie de Paris.
  • An exhibition catalogue.



  • Experience the sound system, the instrument of Jamaican music, in the heart of the exhibition. An interactive sound system as well as regular scheduled DJ sets within the exhibition area allow visitors to join in sound beats and dancehall.
  • An exhibition that presents the influence of Jamaican culture on music, graphics, fashion, photography and contemporary art, far beyond the island’s shores (Tony McDermott, Xavier Veilhan, Nik Nowak, Beth Lesser, Patrick Cariou, etc.)
  • This musical exhibition examines more than just music. It presents a wide range of work by Jamaican artists, from the naïve school of the middle of last century to the figures of an emergent contemporary scene.



Jamaica Jamaica! – From Marley to DJs is a traveling exhibition from Philharmonie de Paris – Cité de la Musique and toured internationally by Flying Fish.





Approximate Size:8,000 sq.ft.
Standard Rental Length: 3 month minimum


Philharmonie de Paris Cité de la MusiqueParis, France
Worlds of Art Universes in UniverseSão PauloApril - August 2018




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