Finding Titanic:
The Secret Mission

This traveling exhibition is a thrilling adventure through history, exploration, and intrigue that reveals the untold story of the secret mission to locate the RMS Titanic.

photos courtesy of Dr. Robert Ballard/Ocean Exploration Trust

Join the legendary marine geologist, oceanographer, and deep-sea explorer Dr. Robert Ballard on the top-secret mission that led to the discovery of the world’s most famous shipwreck, the RMS Titanic.

Experience the secret mission’s tension, excitement, and challenges with immersive media and interactive elements.


  • Mission:
    Learn about Ballard’s secret mission to document two sunken Cold War nuclear submarines and pivotal moments in Cold War history.
  • Cover Story: Titanic:
    Explore how Ballard used the cover story of searching for the Titanic’s wreckage to secretly document submarine wreck sites.
  • Documenting the Submarines:
    Experience the palpable tension Ballard encountered while swiftly and covertly documenting the USS Scorpion and USS Thresher submarines.
  • Finding Titanic:
    Discover how Ballard utilized his oceanography expertise and the USS Scorpion’s findings to locate the wreckage of the Titanic. Through his account, relive the excitement of the historic moment.



This exhibition is currently in development and is subject to change.



5,000 sq. ft. scalable +/- 1,500 sq. ft / 500 ㎡ scalable +/- 150 ㎡

Production Time:

Ten (10) working days for installation; seven (7) for deinstallation


Four (4) 53 ft. trailers (estimated)


Exhibition provided in American English & Latin American Spanish


Fall 2025

Tour Availability

Premiere – Fall 2025
Available May 2026 and beyond
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Finding Titanic: The Secret Mission is a traveling exhibition produced and toured internationally by Flying Fish in collaboration with Ocean Exploration Trust.


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