To the present day, the global mystical aura surrounding Beethoven competes with that of major political figures and rock icons. The Beethoven Factory installation pays tribute to this extraordinary influence, showing audiovisual images from all over the world and will travel from venue to venue to celebrate Beethoven’s heritage. Beethoven Factory is a turnkey structure that provides a fully immersive experience. The dark and acoustically isolated space uses 3 full wall projections to entertain visitors with Beethoven’s influence and heritage.



  • Beethoven Globalization
  • Laughing with Beethoven
  • The Ninth: A political symphony
  • Beethoven, an imagined hero
  • Experimenting Beethoven in video art
  • The listening cinema


Beethoven Factory is a traveling exhibition from Philharmonie de Paris – Cité de la Musique and toured internationally by Flying Fish.



Approximate Size:500 sq.ft.
Minimum Ceiling Height:13 ft. required
Standard Rental Length: 3 month minimum


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