The Universe in You

Discover the marvels of the universe and the bonds that connect us in this traveling exhibition through scientific concepts, hands-on exploration, and endless play.


  • Introduction: Where Did It All Begin?
    • Travel back to the Big Bang in a narrated immersive experience
  • Atoms and Stars Form: The Formative Years
    • Use drums  to simulate how supernovas can trigger star formation and see a holographic star form 
    • Build you own flowers, trees and more from building pieces representing the foundation of life: atoms
  • Galaxies Form: The Milky Way Galaxy
    • Color your favorite galaxy shape and watch as your creation becomes part of the projected universe
  • Supernova: The Biggest Explosion You?ve Ever Seen
    • Witness a star explosion in an immersive projection space
    • Learn about the elements coming from stars that make up everyday objects
  • Life on Earth and You: The Story Doesn?t End Here
    • Discover which elements make up the human body in an interactive display
    • Interact with a stardust particle projection
    • Explore imagery from the James Webb Telescope


This exhibition is in development and is subject to change.


Space Required:

3,500 - 5,000 sq. ft.

Target Audience:

Families with children, school groups


Two (2) 53 ft. trailers (estimated)


Exhibition provided in American English & Spanish


Summer 2025

Tour Availability

Summer 2025 and beyond

Produced By

Stardust: The Universe in You is a traveling exhibition produced and toured internationally by Flying Fish, with support from Cosmosphere.


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