Asian Comics:
Evolution of An Artform

Experience a vivid journey through the art of comics and visual storytelling across Asia. 

From its historical roots to the most recent digital innovations, the exhibition looks to popular Japanese ?Manga? and beyond, highlighting key creators, characters and publications. Delve into a kaleidoscope of diverse stories, from fantastical folklore, pivotal historical moments, revealing memoirs, and challenging expressions of freedom.

Discover acclaimed and influential creators from Osamu Tezuka, Miyako Maki, Hur Young Man, and Lat, to genre innovators and under-represented artists including Abhishek Singh and Miki Yamamoto. See how their work has influenced cinema, animation, fashion, visual art, music, and video games.

Curated by Paul Gravett with a team of more than twenty international advisors, Mangasia features over 500 works ? the largest selection of artworks from the continent ? including Japanese woodblock prints, Hindu scroll paintings, digital media, printed comics, and contemporary illustrations.

This unique exhibition is a ?gateway to an unexplored world of graphic storytelling and its artistic value.

Key Components

  • 280+ pages of original comic book artwork

  • 116 high-quality facsimiles

  • 200 rare, printed comics

  • Sculptural works, manga fashion, objects, and artifacts

  • Multimedia, augmented reality with gesture tracking

  • Scenic elements

  • Accompanying book and programming options with artist appearances


Space Required:

5,000 - 10,000 sq. ft.

Production Time:

Fourteen (14) days for installation & seven (7) for deinstallation


Three (3) x 40 ft. containers + 16 m3 airfreight

Tour Availability

Fall 2024 and beyond

Produced By

Asian Comics: Evolution of An Artform has been developed by Barbican Immersive in partnership with Paul Gravett and Thames and Hudson publishing. The international exhibition tour is supported by Flying Fish.


Presenting Partner

Tour History and Itinerary

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Rome, Italy view map

October 7, 2017 ? January 21, 2018

Villa Reale di Monza

Monza, Italy view map

February 21, 2018 ? June 3, 2018

Le Lieu Unique

Nantes, France view map

June 29, 2018 ? September 16, 2018

Bowers Museum

Santa Ana, CA, USA view map

March 9, 2024 ? September 8, 2024