Staff Spotlight- Joanie Philipp

Flying Fish is proud to announce the appointment of Joanie Philipp, the newest member of the Flying Fish team who is taking the reins as our Business Development Manager. Joanie has 35+ years of experience in the museum industry, coming to us from Discovery Place where she took charge of museum operations and exhibitions for the Discovery Place, Inc. museum network. Joanie is working with us to expand our exhibition portfolio and bringing new, innovative ideas to fruition at Flying Fish. We look forward to working with Joanie and hope you all will join us in giving her a warm welcome!

There’s nothing like a good ice breaker to get to know someone new, huh? We had Jessy Saffell check in with Joanie on what helps her get through the workday and some insight into what makes her tick:

What do you like to listen to while you work? NPR
Favorite museum (of any kind)?  Natural History/Science
What did you want to be as a kid?  Explorer, Scientist
Unlimited funds to travel anywhere, where do you go? Wow this is impossible to answer.
I would say the world! I love being out in nature camping and reading.
What is the coolest place you’ve been? My kids like to call us an adventure family! Our vacations are usually outdoor adventures where we love tent camping, hiking, and new outdoor adventures both in the US and outside of the US.

Museum and Science Center friends, if you have an exhibition idea you’d like to see come to fruition as a traveling exhibit, get in touch with Joanie! Or simply write to say “hello”!

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