Pets of Flying Fish

At Flying Fish, we work hard and play hard, and one of the best parts of our off-work hours (and in some cases at-work hours, too) are our pets. Read on to learn a bit about our fluffy family members!

1.    Bek Voller, Executive Assistant

“Please meet our German Shepherd “Bella.” We got her when she was 18 months old. She is a very loving, placid dog who would do anything for a pat. However, she can certainly scare any courier with her bark!

She was a hard dog to love at first, she renovated our backyard with digging, she would run away, and she would rip anything apart that she was left alone with. But after being with the family for 15 months we simply love her to bits.”

2.    Carrie Reid, Director of Sales – Global

“Huck (5) and Beatrice (3), and myself, along with the family dog, Dottie. Dottie comes to work at Flying Fish’s Twin Cities office every day to entertain the staff and to accept deliveries.”



3.    Cristie Gunn, Fabrication Assistant

“Waffle, aka Wawa or Grandma. The greatest life and roadtrip companion ever! Waffle is a red Boston Terrier who LOVES wearing clothes and has dozens of shirts, sweaters, and costumes for every occasion but prefers hoodies. She’s highly food motivated and strongly suggests fresh veggies be added to her meals – crunchy broccoli is her current favorite. Now 13 years old and nearly blind as a bat, she hasn’t slowed down one bit. Aside from her greying face and bumping into furniture from time to time, she still acts like the same playful, bossy, loving pup I was lucky enough to adopt from a shelter years ago.”

4.    Ed Ballard, Exhibition A/V Manager

“We have Collies mainly because a good family friend is a breeder and introduced us to them many years ago. Mowgli is the brown male (Sable) 18 months old and Bella is the smaller (Tricolour) 9 years old. They have been incredible dogs for our family to grow up with. Our first Collie Chester was a Sable like Mowgli and was with us for 13 years. We adopted Bella and soon picked up Mowgli at 8 weeks old. Mowgli has been a great influence on Bella who now acts 6 years younger than she is. Both dogs are well socialized and have many friends in our neighbourhood to play with at the local park. Mowgli especially has lots of energy and needs a good play date every day. I can’t imagine our home without a pet of some kind, but I am very attached to our Collies.”

5.    Heidi Summers, Sales and Marketing Administrator

“All of our dogs are rescues; we adopted Pepper, a whippet/lab mix, at 5 years old from the Animal Humane Society. She is now 10, but still resembles a puppy in energy level and ear fluff. Pepper loves peanut butter and hogging all of the toys. We adopted Oakley, a retired racing greyhound, when he was 2 years old, and is now 6. Oakley, weighing in at about 85 pounds, will eat anything you hand him. He loves running laps around our yard, and sleeps about 22 hours a day. Our newest addition to the family is Noodle, currently 8.5 weeks old. He is a greyhound/wolfhound mix. We rescued him so that he didn’t have to live a cold life outside hunting coyotes on a farm. He loves chewing and sleeping, and is learning how to be a good boy from his older sister and brother.”

6.    Joel English, Exhibition Manager

“I grew up on a small farm about half an hour outside of my hometown. We mainly raise and do a small bit of cropping.

Late autumn to early winter is always a fun time to be around, as the sheep will start lambing. You’ll be driving through paddocks and little white dots start popping their heads up as you get closer to the flock.

My Dad bought the Alpacas a few years back to protect the flock from foxes and other predators. It’s really quite amazing to watch the Alpacas do their thing. They will inspect any new lambs and when a lamb is left out on its own, they quite often heard it back to the flock:). It’s incredible to watch them protect “their” flock. I consider myself very blessed to have grown up on a farm.”

7.    Jay Brown, Principal & Managing Director

“Cali is an old girl, 12 yrs old, but still the Queen of her neighbourhood in Mount Martha, Australia and big sister to Jay’s sons, Cohen and Finn.”




8.    Megan Flaherty, Graphic Designer

“In July we brought home two kittens, Ruby (black and white) and Simon (gray). They are now five months old and have a ton of energy. They are systematically going through the house to find adventure – him down low and her up high.”



9.    Sam Easterson, Exhibition Designer

“From left to right: Dandelion, Tulip and Blueberry. They all come from the Animal Humane Society. Dandelion is a rare Korat Cat. She lived on the streets for a year before she came to live with us. Tulip is a Snowshoe/Siamese mix. She guards against intruders. Blueberry is a Tortoiseshell. She likes to chew through electrical cords.”


10. Trent Brown, Director of Projects – Global, and Carli Brown, Exhibition Manager

From Carli: “In 2012 I went into an animal rescue shelter just to have a look. There was the little puppy who I’d soon take home with me. The keepers told me the pup was about 10 weeks old. I held my hand out to pet her, she rested her head in my hand, looked up at me with big puppy eyes and I knew she and I were going to be good friends. Jazzy I called her, I thought the name suited her personality. 8 years now we’ve been best buddies for. We’ve had many adventures together. Anywhere I go Jazzy wants to come.

My husband and I live by the beach. We like to go down to the beach often, we bring Jazzy most of the time. Jazzy loves the beach, she’ll cry as we get close to the beach because she’s so excited to get there. She fetches the ball in the water, jumping over the waves and surfing them back to the shore. In summer we swim and snorkel and Jazzy comes along, she swims besides us with her tennis ball.

For my birthday last year my husband had an artist paint a portrait of Jazzy, it was a wonderful gift I’ve treasured.”

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