Frequently Asked Questions About Hosting Spiders: From Fear to Fascination

Have you ever wondered what it takes to host an exhibition with live specimens? What about an international traveling exhibition like Spiders: From Fear to Fascination? Read on to learn about some of our clients’ frequently asked questions about hosting the Spiders exhibition, and how simple it really is.

Where do the live spiders come from?

The spiders are ethically and sustainably sourced through trusted suppliers in the U.S. All permits for export/import of the spiders are managed by Flying Fish.

Who will care for the live spiders?

During installation, Dr Linda Rayor, a professional arachnologist, will train your local staff in the ongoing care requirements for the duration of the exhibition. It’s quite simple, after all. A manual can be found here in the exhibit files with account registration.

What’s the Venom Lab? How should my venue program this?

The Venom Lab offers a multi-functional programming space where venues can present activities including: venom milking demonstrations, arachnologists at work, specimen preparation, live spider handling demonstrations and talks with guest speakers.

What is the exhibition experience?

The exhibition is approximately 10,000 square feet of interactive learning and immersive environments. For a breakdown of the exhibits, look here in the exhibit files with account registration.

Who is the exhibit suitable for?

Very young children, students, families, and adults. There is no limit as the exhibition provides learning opportunities and interactivity suitable for all ages.

What are the exhibition’s learning outcomes?

The exhibition informs and educates visitors about spiders, their behaviors and amazing attributes. The producers of the exhibition were sensitive to peoples’ general apprehension of spiders. They took this opportunity to teach visitors about arachnids in a fun and approachable way to engage and enthrall. Spiders: From Fear to Fascination takes visitors on a journey that leaves them with an understanding and appreciation for the myriad of spiders and insects in their backyards and beyond.

How has the exhibition performed at previous venues?

When the Australian Museum premiered this exhibition in Sydney, it attracted 175,000 visitors making it the third most attended exhibition in their nearly 200 year history. The exhibition lent itself to a range of exciting and highly successful public programs and educational activities, such as talks and workshops – including ones dedicated to arachnophobes!

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada served as the exhibition’s North American premiere venue. During a 7 month display, the exhibition attracted over 220,000 visitors, all of which paid a special admission fee on top of general admission.

Here’s what the media was saying in Toronto:

“Afraid of spiders? A new ROM exhibit says there’s no need to be so fearful.” – CBC

“Whether you fear them… or find them fascinating… there’s a lot to learn about the world of spiders. A new exhibit at the ROM is hoping to win everyone over.” – CP24

“ROM entomologist Antonia Guidotti hopes that people come away with a new respect–even admiration and fascination–for these eight-legged creatures.” – Postmedia”

The Montreal Science Centre in Quebec, Canada hosted Spiders from April 18 through September 3, 2019. The exhibition exceeded attendance expectations.

Have any more questions or want to find out more about hosting Spiders? Let us know!

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