5 Intriguing Museums to Visit While in New Orleans for AAM 2019

Looking for something unique to do while at the AAM conference in New Orleans? Check out these five intriguing museums, all within walking distance from the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center:


New Orleans Pharmacy Museum – 1.2 miles from Convention Center

514 Chartres Street
Even by the mid-19th Century pharmacists still compounded their own medicines and modern medical theory was just emerging. See the hand-blown apothecary bottles filled with patent medicines, herbs and “gris-gris” potions used by Voodoo practitioners. View surgical instruments and learn about questionable medical practices.


Mardi Gras Museum – 1.4 miles from Convention Center

1010 Conti Street
Learn the origins and traditions of Carnival and Mardi Gras. Try on Mardi Gras costumes and view costumes from Carnival ball royalty. The exhibits at The Mardi Gras Museum are from the largest personal collection of Mardi Gras costumes in the City of New Orleans.


Southern Food & Beverage Museum – 1.5 miles from Convention Center

1504 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd
The Southern Food & Beverage Museum is a nonprofit living history organization dedicated to the discovery, understanding and celebration of the food, drink and the related culture of the South. While based in New Orleans, the Museum examines and celebrates all the cultures that have come together through the centuries to create the South’s unique culinary heritage.


Museum of Death – 1.2 miles from Convention Center

227 Dauphine Street
The Museum of Death houses the world’s largest collection of serial killer artwork, antique funeral ephemera, mortician and coroners’ instruments, Manson Family memorabilia, pet death taxidermy, crime scene photographs and so much more. Visitor discretion advised, some content not for the faint of heart!


New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum – 1.7 miles from Convention Center

724 Dumaine Street
“We take all the mysteries, the secrets, the history, and the folklores of rituals, zombies, of gris-gris, of Voodoo Queens and all that jazz, and put it all in one place at the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter.”

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