Staff Profile – Sam Easterson

Earlier this year, Sam Easterson, Exhibition Designer, joined our team at Flying Fish! Sam brings nearly 15 years of exhibition design and concept development experience to the team. Previously, Sam has worked in a variety of creative staff positions at renowned museums in the United States, Canada and New Zealand. He has also worked on hundreds of installations, private commissions and gallery exhibits across the globe. Sam’s unique ability to interpret content and translate it into a design that connects with visitors allows him to create exhibits that both engage and delight.

Known for his transparent and collaborative working style, particularly his ability to listen to and respond to client needs, Sam excels at creating trusted design partnerships.

Currently, and yet among many other things, Sam is working on the concept and design for a major international touring exhibition on Hockey in collaboration with the Hockey Hall of Fame. This Flying Fish production will premiere in 2020.

Furthermore, Sam is hard at work on a number of exhibition concepts and designs on industry-demanded topics which will be presented to strategic clients in coming weeks and months.

If you have a concept in mind, drop Sam a line. We’re very happy to help our museum clients to realize their ideas.

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