Staff Profile – Trent Brown

Trent Brown, FF’s Director of Operations, is responsible for all of Flying Fish’s touring exhibitions and their movements. In order to prepare for each of Flying Fish’s touring exhibition displays, up to 90 per year, Trent carefully conducts the portfolio operations globally.

What does that mean?

It’s Trent’s responsibility to ensure seamless exhibition tours from the very first post-production installation to the in one city – to the day the exhibition opens in another city (again and again). The logistics procedures include coordinating specialized crew for each installation and strike/tear-down of the exhibitions and hiring carefully selected transporters to conduct the freight movements (land, sea, and air). All arrangements are confirmed months in advance and include uncountable fine details such as creating load plans for each of the trucks and/or containers that will hold the exhibition, drafting custom floor plans for the museum’s gallery, instructing the museum of gallery preparation requirements (construction of temporary walls, new paint, application of vinyl graphics, assuring climate control, etc.), and the list goes on.

In Trent’s years of experience, he noticed one particular aspect of the planning process that never went as smoothly as he’d liked – one that he had little control over: freight and logistics planning. Determined to find a solution, Trent trialed numerous freight companies that came highly regarded. Time and time again, we were let down. He couldn’t find a freight company that checked all the boxes: reliable, cost-effective, and with good customer service.

Timely enough, Jay, Flying Fish’s Principal, heard from a respected industry colleague that his company, International Art Services (IAS), was “going global”. This meant that IAS, a trusted fine art handler and shipping company in Australia, had acquired vetted freight companies in Asia, Europe and the U.S. When the merger with the U.S. corporation was complete, Flying Fish, with Trent as the helm, underwrote the partnership with the acquired company – Artech of Seattle, WA. This partnership promises to bring additional business to Artech through Flying Fish’s existing operations while offering additional oversight from Flying Fish via Trent’s expertise in global operations management. Because this is a true joint venture with mutual, complimentary business benefits, there are no brokers involved and there are no added fees. The end result is Flying Fish Freight Services – reliable, cost-effective, and with excellent customer service.

Now, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Call Trent for a quote Let’s get your exhibitions moving.

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